love you, mother [earth]

there's just one day to celebrate our earth (april 22nd)?!
i like to celebrate this lovely place we live all year long... each day i try to do something more.

like... even though my boss would prefer to have everything that needs printing to have its own page... i print things double sided (and he doesn't mind so much).

when i was a ... custodial worker at the lovely Eyring Science Center at BYU (which I am still sleep deprived from...) I was a trash taker outer. and i recycled for pretty much everyone in the building. seriously. the bins are just down the hall.

BUT helping our earth isn't just about recycling... it's about reusing. and it's about reducing. call your bank to get your statements online. figure out ways to use the car less... with spring (sort of) here, it's better weather to walk!
why i love dc: there is a free concert this weekend on the national mall to celebrate our earth. the flaming lips and chevy chase will be there. i hope to attend. [.]we might also visit the u.s. national aboreatum this weekend. or maybe next. i mean, it's always going to be there right? we just want to avoid tourists. but, maybe they are unavoidable. [.]

what are you doing to celebrate EARTH DAY (or EARTH everyDAY)?!

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