thanks for the island, teddy

on sunday, we spent our two hours in between conference sessions by going to theodore roosevelt island. we had a very nice sunday jaunt and we also had a little picnic. i was so excited to go--- because i've been really wanted to check out the island ever since we moved here. i asked ben why teddy got a whole island (as opposed to just a small monument)--- it was because he was really big on the national parks service. thanks for that. i heart national parks.
and it's a lovely island. if you do come visit, we will take you there. as for my sisters, i promise we'll figure out a way to get there next time you visit :)
enjoying our sun-day & picnic...
watching the planes fly over
thanks for the christmas chacos, husband!!
i know, sad for the tree--- but i love seeing its history
what it took to get the above photo
happy sunday walkers
sorry but... wearing a short dress, high heeled boots and bringing your accessory dog on a nature walk isn't really my idea of "smart" or "sexy"
after the last session of conference, ben made (ok, i helped a little) steaks with blue cheese mashed potatoes. really good. great job, bebba!
and we made chocolate souffl├ęs for dessert. delicious.

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