wanted: a friend

this is kind of hilarious... and a great social experiment for someone like me--- who loves me a good social experiment.

since we've moved to the DC area, approximately ten months ago, i haven't made any sort of "real friends" or "bffs" or anything like that. i mean, sure there are people at church who i chat with and also a few at work... but no one i've gone out and done stuff with. it's super different from college when you live with a bunch of girls (in my case, totally awesome girls!) and then when you get married, like me, it's ok because you all are still friends with each other.
so you just kind of evolve from single bffs to married bffs. i still love my foxes, don't worry :)
but being that utah [provo] is about 2,100 miles away... one might get lonely without her girls.

SO>>> i posted an ad on craigslist. really as a joke. and i haven't replied to any of the responses--- but i have been tempted. because reading what some people had to say--- it's kind of sad. i realize there are plenty of people out there in my same situation--- sometimes a girl just needs a girlfriend!
but... i mean, is this really how people must make friends these days? i mean marrieds, who don't go to bars or drink coffee? bleh.
also. observe how much someone will reveal about herself/himself (fascinating)!!

my original posting:
married 20-something seeks a friend! - w4w
I've live in Arlington and I work in the District. I've lived here for almost a year with my husband, but I just want a friend to hang out with! Someone who loves cupcakes, taking walks, visiting museums, and loves DC as much as I do {etc}!! I need someone I can confide in and have a great time with!!

reponse #1
I saw your ad on craigslist and think we're kind of in the same boat. I have lived in DC for about ten months now and only have a couple friends. I moved here with my boyfriend from Chicago when he got a job here and it's been a bit lonely so far!
I'm 21 and finishing up school at American Univeristy. I absolutely love cupcakes! Have you been to Hello Cupcake in Dupont? I also have a dog, so I do a lot of walking with her. Other than that, I like to go out for good food, get coffee, go to wine bars, see the sights, etc.
Let me know if you think we might get along!

response #2
I love taking in DC so I decided to respond to your ad. Also I don't really have any married or coupled friends... I'm super drama-free but not boring. Grand Mariner and shots of Patron used to be my thing but now I try to stick to a glass of red wine. I'm not a smoker but smoking doesn't bother me at all. My fiance and I have a one year old son. I like doing free stuff like art galleries, craft shows, concerts and museums during the day and then spending some cash at night, lounges, 9:30 club type concerts, spoken word, comedy, clubs, dinner out, ect. I'm down to earth.
Let me know what you think...
My specs.... female/ African American /25/ professional/ 5'6"/ size 9/ Rockville, MD/ straight/ engaged/ Sag-Capricorn

response #3 (this person didn't read my posting very carefully...)
I love vanilla frosting with sprinkles on my cupcakes. Yummm! Are you good at making them? If so I'm good at eating them. :) You might think I'm 300 lbs but I'm hardly that. Actually I'm in pretty good shape, which is important if you want to walk DC, everything is so spread out. With the warm weather approaching it would be nice to find someone new to revisit some places that I saw many years ago (been in this area forever). Write back and we can see if there's a connection. I'm 35M (look years younger), married, safe, fun, and love to go out whenever I can.
additional email:
Hey just noticed your post was W4W... ooops, my bad! Well if you're interested you can respond otherwise I'll just move right along... :)

response #4
Hey! Your ad didn't give that much info.... but I love cupcakes, walks, and museums. I"m 21, and I have a pretty decent social network, but all my friends are busy with grad school/ married life and I'm just looking for someone cool and laid back to chill with. Since it's spring, I love doing outdoorsy stuff like chilling at bars/patios at the DC waterfront or smoking hookah on an outdoor patio. Basically, I love enjoying the weather but definitely a city girl here. I don't think being married makes you any less cool... I have some married friends who are amazing people. Anyway, hit me up on facebook (xxx) or AIM (xxx). TTYL!

response #5
I'm in laurel, md which is about 30 min from DC but my hubby and i are from DC and are ALWAYS in the area. I'm looking for new friends cuz none of mine are married or even close! they just dont understand my life...lol.
i've been married a year and we just had a baby about 6 weeks ago. i have a HUGE sweet tooth, love shopping, hanging out, doing new things, beauty days, sports, and doing the "housewife thing" when i have too :)
hope to hear from you

response #6
I saw your post on craigslist today, as I thought of my own situation. Although Ive been in the area for almost a year, I still feel that I don't have many friends. I moved here from Buffalo, NY last May after graduating from school. I currently live in Alexandria. Ive never done this before, but I got to thinking, how else to adults make friends these days. When you're in school, it's much easier. In my spare time, which I seem to have a lot of these days, I go for walks along the Potomac and into DC to the museums. However, there is only so much you can do alone. If you would like to write back about yourself, and what you like to do, that would be great. Have a great night.

response #7
Meet people in real life.
$20 all you can drink happy our at McFadden's D.C on Friday April 3 from 6-9PM.
Network, make friends, or just pollute your body with alcohol.

response #8
I just stumbled across your listing on craigslist- I've never responded to a friend personal before (or any personal, for that matter) but you sound like a really cool person! I just moved to DC from Hawaii with my boyfriend. I work on the Hill, so I don't have a lot of time to go out and make friends outside of the office. It isn't very fun to be new to a city without any girl friends, so I thought I'd give craigslist a try! I love to explore the city, wander through muesums, hike and camp, shop, and enjoy the occassional happy hour or bar hopping adventure.
Let me know if you would like to hang out sometime.

response #9 (final)
you seem kool.i would love to explore dc with you. i love exploreing and havin a night out and whatnot lol.
names xxx.. hope i interest u. i have my own place so we can hang when ever.

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