an italian style layover

may 28
milan area, italy

hooray! we´re here. and i love trying to type on a foreign keyboard. it´s lovely.

this will be quick. we had a 9 hour layover in milan.

so of course we rented a car ( i think the same smart car as last year) and we drove around. to nerviano, my... our little town. gelato. pizza. the works-.

then lago di como. AMaZING.

now we know why people like it so much

the town--- no, not las vegas

this might have been our second gelato. and we might have almost missed our barcelona flight. but don´t worry, we made it. and we are safe. and we are so happy to be here!!!


happy weekend!

may your weekend be lovely and palm tree filled!

as for the husband and i, we are in spain and morocco this weekend!! hoooray. updates soon :)


answers to prayers

last night at dinner i prayed the ice cream truck would come to our neighborhood...and it did!! and we made friends with the ice cream man. it was so dreamy. i heart my neighborhood. and my husband.

29 hours in utah

because of the below lovely lady:i made a last-minute-short-trip to utah saturday & sunday. it was super exciting because only a few people knew i was coming. so i surprised my grandma on her 90th birthday. it was so worth it :)
doesn't she look amazing!!?!
it was also a bonus that i went to utah... so i could meet this young lady!! my new neice, addyson. 4 months. one of the few genuinely beautiful babies out there. (ok, i might be biased)
sorry for the glare on this one--- but i just loved this photo. my gpa, gma and my dad (their oldest). i just love that it's candid and how stylin' they are!!
the most gorgeous photo of my gma. happy birthday lovely lady!!
my bro and cute addyson.
the mountains at deer valley. *sigh* i love you, mountains.
brooklyn, sam and i. love these cuties.
b paul playing with eun's dress. i loved this, hehehe.
i left as soon as i arrived (it felt like). we're rushing to the car...
but wait, a photo!!! hehehe
oh. and i might have sneaked in a trip to cafe rio (to go!) on my way to the airport.

below i've posted some candids of everyone. just because i think i have a really pretty family.


new apartment, new city, new everything

on friday, may 15th, we began our move into our new apartment.
much unlike friday, june 13th, 2008.
i felt happier just knowing we weren't moving on friday the 13th again.
the wellington was fine, just don't ever live there.

the wellington was overpriced for what we got. management was awful, non responsive and impersonal. and it was inconvenient. we couldn't use trains like we wanted to.
but we had a balcony and a lovely green view. and we had love to keep us happy :) oh, and we had a lot of space.

but who needs space when you have love (& ikea)?

so we moved to washington.

i LOVE our new apartment. ben LOVES it. we love it.
we have our own washer/dryer combo (the new "green" appliance). our bedroom is green! we walk (not shuttle) to the metro. we live in a neighborhood, so we have a park nearby, eastern market is nearby, church is super close (starts at 10am not 3pm) and ice cream trucks visit our neighborhood (very essential part of summer)!the green room.who wants to see our toilet anyway??kitchenesquethis room still requires some movin' and shakin'. we definitely plan on painting that awful stripe. but that will probably be in a month or so (after our trip).our dining room... hehehe

and we are now official dcists with our dc driver's licenses and new tags.
although it was slightly traumatizing to see our utah dl go through the shredder :(mona (our car) didn't want to give up our utah tags. the screw is still stuck.

we love our city.
now all we need are visitors. any takers? :)


nothing really

i'm tired. and i want to take a nap.


i'm tired. and i want to take a nap.


turandot leads to chinatown

thanks to the following lovely lady (and stanford) we were able to attend the opera on saturday. puccini's turandot. read the washington post's review here.
thanks noelle!!!

needless to say, it was amazing. i'd never been to an opera before... and i'm feeling very much like i've been missing out. and i'm glad we didn't miss out. we moved on saturday too. like boxes, sweating, uhaul type moving--- but the opera was totally worth it. the lady who played Liu especially moved me.
it was a fun game running around in our new apartment finding our "opera clothes."
the view from the kennedy center
sneaky photo. gorgeous ceiling.
turandot is an italian opera (as most are) but it takes place in china. so we went to chinatown after... since we hadn't eaten dinner yet.
mmmm greesy chinese.
i have always wanted to try this place because of its clever name... it didn't occur to me just how clever the name actually is, until we found out sushi is served here as well.
chinese wok, japanese sushi roll. wok n roll

get it?
try it.

we love living in the city.


we did celebrate our anniversary

May 10th was our anniversary.
our very first anniversary.

thanks for marrying me, ben. you're rearry nice.

randy saved our celebration (just before he&linny got on their plane home). i called the place we wanted to go eat which i was sure did not take reservations. apparently they do. the lady on the phone assured me they couldn't squeeze us in.

so about 10 minutes later, from a different phone, randy called ray's the steaks again. he used his oh-so-urgent-desperate voice getting us a spot for dinner. THANK YOU.

we ordered the chateaubriand for two. it was awesomely priced and awesomely yummy.i was excited. just hungry. ben was especially excited since we don't have red meat too often around the em/ben home :)umm the key lime pie was my favorite (of course). so. good. period.you can barely see "ray's the steaks" across the street. then we took a "post big dinner" walk and laid in the grass. and talked about how much we love each other. cheeeesy

on to the next year and the big adventures to come!!!

p.s. have you tried this soda?? (shayna, linny&randy--- this is the kind that is served at chop't. mmmmmmm) the cream soda is my favorite.