29 hours in utah

because of the below lovely lady:i made a last-minute-short-trip to utah saturday & sunday. it was super exciting because only a few people knew i was coming. so i surprised my grandma on her 90th birthday. it was so worth it :)
doesn't she look amazing!!?!
it was also a bonus that i went to utah... so i could meet this young lady!! my new neice, addyson. 4 months. one of the few genuinely beautiful babies out there. (ok, i might be biased)
sorry for the glare on this one--- but i just loved this photo. my gpa, gma and my dad (their oldest). i just love that it's candid and how stylin' they are!!
the most gorgeous photo of my gma. happy birthday lovely lady!!
my bro and cute addyson.
the mountains at deer valley. *sigh* i love you, mountains.
brooklyn, sam and i. love these cuties.
b paul playing with eun's dress. i loved this, hehehe.
i left as soon as i arrived (it felt like). we're rushing to the car...
but wait, a photo!!! hehehe
oh. and i might have sneaked in a trip to cafe rio (to go!) on my way to the airport.

below i've posted some candids of everyone. just because i think i have a really pretty family.


shayna said...

ah yes, there's my nose. A little bit of personality, a lot of nose.

The Proctor Group said...

It was such a pleasant surprise to see you!

Gustogirl said...

It was so fun to see you! Have fun on your trip! Great pictures of your fam!