friends are more than enough reason to celebrate

i love, love having linny & randy here... i love to share our loves with our loves :)you know how much we love mr. yogato. mmmmmmmmm (you can see "mr yogato" in the orange hat)
this week linny & randy have been our good luck charms. i got into gwu and we found an apartment (finally)!
lin & randy even bought us georgetown cupcakes. if that's not good luck, then i dunno what is.
p.s. i loved that linds said the cupcakes were all she dreamed of and more. that made me so happy.
we went to tim's river shore to celebrate the happy happenings. and ate a lot of great 'suthen' food :) crabs, fried pickels, hush puppies and a lot of butter.
kind of freaky, but i love dc/va crabs too
the lovely remains
i love walking out on the dock... the potomac is SO HUGE
borrrrring... but i'm glad it made the boys happy :)

more updates to come.
what did you do to celebrate my good news? ;)

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Linds said...

man, randy and i should wear matching touristy shirts more often! those have since been tied and dyed :)

love this food. love your company. we should plan a second round