an italian style layover

may 28
milan area, italy

hooray! we´re here. and i love trying to type on a foreign keyboard. it´s lovely.

this will be quick. we had a 9 hour layover in milan.

so of course we rented a car ( i think the same smart car as last year) and we drove around. to nerviano, my... our little town. gelato. pizza. the works-.

then lago di como. AMaZING.

now we know why people like it so much

the town--- no, not las vegas

this might have been our second gelato. and we might have almost missed our barcelona flight. but don´t worry, we made it. and we are safe. and we are so happy to be here!!!


Linds said...

So glad you are having a ball!

Love the Meiko shirt. Can't wait for all of your other Europe posts.

shayna said...

I'm disappointed that you only had two servings of gelato, aren't you on vacation?

Kevin said...

A 9-hour layover beats 31 hours in a truck. Looks lovely.