let your freak flag fly

ny part 2

we heard of this awesome thing where if you get to times square kind of early you can get cheap tickets to a broadway show! but since we rolled into times square around 12:45pm (yes, we stayed up a little late friday)... we were are little worried about scoring awesome tickets.

we walked up to shrek the musical's box office at 1pm. no line. "do you have discount tickets?"... "why yes, we do."


$30 some odd dollars to see shrek. amazing, amazing, amazing. sneaky photo.
it was soo good. i really loved it. everything was super creative and exciting. the stage technology blew all of our minds. seriously. click here for some shots from the ny times. ben's favorite song (and probably mine too) was called, "let your freak flag fly" or something. yes, i loved it. thanks jamie for wanting to go so much--- so we could all benefit!

we then enjoyed a lovely rest of the day--- madison square park (hehehe), shopping on canal street and pinkberry.
my first ever hot pink shirt. at pinkberry.
happy friends at pinkberry.jamie and i scored some "hot" shoes. i couldn't wait to put mine on.

we called it a night fairly early so we could recover to our stay on cabrini blvd.

sunday, the boys went to another baseball game (that got rained out... sorry). and jamie and i got serenaded on the train. or mariachied?and we (jamie & i) tried the frozen hot chocolate at serendipity 3. fabulous.

jamie & i also visited the trader joe's near union square. ummm have i mentioned, i love trader joe's?
we wandered through the met with the boys. saw some wharhols.

and i loved our weekend with friends. so sad brandon only got to spend friday and saturday morning with us--- but it was so fun! i hope we can do it again someday soon.
and i hope next time we don't almost miss our bus home. oooops.

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