those darn yankees

yes, we're in new york again. it's so lovely. we have been with our friends: brandon, kevin, scotty & jamie. it's been so fun!! i love friends.
part 1
fridayour first stop was the new yankees stadium. it's HUGE. huge. but i think baseball stadiums are pretty.
after the game--- yankees vs angels... it was a very close game and the yankees won 10-9 runs. crazy--- we took advantage of having our resident korean with us (scotty) and got korean bbq. new york kom tang is sooooooo delicious. i heart korean bbq.
this isn't the bbq but an awesome soup with spam, rice patty things, ramen and hot dogs. hilarious.
we stayed out really late... and i loved it. it made me feel so young again ;) somehow, kevin didn't get included in this photo... sorry.
the results of staying up until... 3:30... this is saturday morning on our way to midtown.

stick around for part 2!!

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