train poetry

have you seen this video?

every time it's raining and i'm on the train, i want to be listening to that song. and that song only. i think the poetry of oren lavie's lyrics are quite beautiful.i get most of my pensive thinking done on the train. ...she fights for her life on the train...

..her morning elegance she wears
the sound of water makes her dream
awoken by a cloud of steam
she pours a daydream in a cup..

..the thunder makes her contemplate
she hears a noise behind the gate
perhaps a letter with a dove
perhaps a stranger she could love..

-oren lavie

last night i walked the 2 1/2 blocks to the metro in the rain. no umbrella, no rainboots. just me... walking like it was a sunny-happy-day.

i love when the train
rushes by me
on the platform and
my body is pushed with the wind.
it keeps me calm.
isn't it funny how the hustle 'n' bustle calms me--- but the slow pace can drive me mad?

i love today.

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becks said...

This is a beautiful photo!