turandot leads to chinatown

thanks to the following lovely lady (and stanford) we were able to attend the opera on saturday. puccini's turandot. read the washington post's review here.
thanks noelle!!!

needless to say, it was amazing. i'd never been to an opera before... and i'm feeling very much like i've been missing out. and i'm glad we didn't miss out. we moved on saturday too. like boxes, sweating, uhaul type moving--- but the opera was totally worth it. the lady who played Liu especially moved me.
it was a fun game running around in our new apartment finding our "opera clothes."
the view from the kennedy center
sneaky photo. gorgeous ceiling.
turandot is an italian opera (as most are) but it takes place in china. so we went to chinatown after... since we hadn't eaten dinner yet.
mmmm greesy chinese.
i have always wanted to try this place because of its clever name... it didn't occur to me just how clever the name actually is, until we found out sushi is served here as well.
chinese wok, japanese sushi roll. wok n roll

get it?
try it.

we love living in the city.

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