we did celebrate our anniversary

May 10th was our anniversary.
our very first anniversary.

thanks for marrying me, ben. you're rearry nice.

randy saved our celebration (just before he&linny got on their plane home). i called the place we wanted to go eat which i was sure did not take reservations. apparently they do. the lady on the phone assured me they couldn't squeeze us in.

so about 10 minutes later, from a different phone, randy called ray's the steaks again. he used his oh-so-urgent-desperate voice getting us a spot for dinner. THANK YOU.

we ordered the chateaubriand for two. it was awesomely priced and awesomely yummy.i was excited. just hungry. ben was especially excited since we don't have red meat too often around the em/ben home :)umm the key lime pie was my favorite (of course). so. good. period.you can barely see "ray's the steaks" across the street. then we took a "post big dinner" walk and laid in the grass. and talked about how much we love each other. cheeeesy

on to the next year and the big adventures to come!!!

p.s. have you tried this soda?? (shayna, linny&randy--- this is the kind that is served at chop't. mmmmmmm) the cream soda is my favorite.

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