have you seen it yet?
in 3D?

it's a must.


in need of riot gear

have you listened to the new regina spektor album? oh how i love her.
one of her songs is called, "riot gear" and i need some of that right now.

it's just one of those mondays.

and i'm trying to plan and figure things out. ... but my brain is tired and i want a break.

cupcakes would suffice for a needed break :)

i'm already counting down the hours 'til the weekend. the looong weekend.


O, baltimore is baseball's birdland

some may already know... but the baltimore orioles are ben's favorite, favorite baseball team. this is convenient because camden yards (their stadium) is only about 40 minutes from where we live. this is inconvenient because the washington nationals are their ultimate rival. what to do?

the first 10,000 fans got free jerseys. ben was the last one to get one. really. it was ok that i didn't get one because we can always share :)
shot #5. in the first 4, ben cut the bottom of my face off.
p.s. i love camden because you can take your own food in!!! totally awesome.
a sad fan all the way up at the top.
but don't worry we won. (unlike the last time we went to an O's game.)
don't you love the foam finger? (thanks katie for the finger and my hat!!!)
after the game we walked to the inner harbor... sooo pretty (this is [near] where the star spangled banner was written. heard of it?)
then we enjoyed some ice custard happiness. mmmm rita's
and i tested out the green bike... without actual pedals or wheels :)


happy weekend... here are some to-dos

#1 to do: arrange colored vases on top of shelf like this lovely danish home. gorgeous!!
#2 to do: recycle... even though you may not get money back like you do in denmark
#3 to do: enjoy lovely summer nights and lovely summer lights!! take advantage of the perfect summer evenings... we don't have them all year!!

#4 to do (and most important): be with the ones you love and be happy!!

all photos taken in denmark


why we already love summer in our city

1/ tan lines... well ben's are definitely awesome :)
2/ chinatown... tie-dye... and metro maps on elephants :)
3/ empty metro cars during rush hour (nothing to do with the latest incident)
4/ free concerts. especially dave matthews band cover bands :)
5/ perfect weather in farragut square
6/ searching through free books via my office
7/ not having to sort our recycling anymore... and not having to take the elevator to get there :)

happy summer and happy weekend!!!


advertisers everywhere swoon

i work in advertising. i'm sort of a backstager--- but i get really cool magazines... that I have to look for and tag for my boss.

for example i just got the kelly award winners

here are two of my favorites:

it only looks like the real thing (armstrong laminate flooring)

works in over 200 countries, like jamaica. (at&t)

and one other favorite:

made with the help of solar energy. (sun chips)

advertising is a powerful thing. see any good ones lately??


a moment please

yesterday a tragedy happened.

7 people were killed in a DC Metro train crash yesterday. i ride the metro everyday. this was such a shock. i am so glad my husband and i are ok.

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak via dcist.com

my prayers go out to the families and friends of which this effected. we love you, metro. please keep us safe.

ti amo, milano

milano & nerviano, italia
june 14-17
as we were driving into nerviano, there was a procession taking place. fascinating.
thanks, fillipo, alessandra... we thought this was funny :)
the lovely casa
the lovely duomo and ben. we spent the 5 euro to climb the stairs to the top. totally worth it. i love this duomo. i think it's amazing. and it's huge. and not under construction anymore!!
you can see all of milano from the top!!
in this shot you can see the duomo, the galleria & the castello

we also fell in love with this shop.
i re-fell in love with this store and ben fell in love too.
i don't shop in the u.s.--- but i do in milano :)

the three most amazing flavors of gelato: pistacchio, frutti di bosco, cocco

we were able to enjoy our favorite pizza place: santa lucia & our favorite gelato place... several times :)
elena said, "i am italian and i think this gelato is very good!" that's the best part about our little town, it's not for tourists= inexpensive, amazing gelato.
i do love my elena
we're so glad we got to see our friends and enjoy nerv/mil. we love it there.

the end of the euro posts. next stop... the d.r.? YES PLEASE :)


next stop, bayswater

londontowne, england, united kingdom part 2
june 13a good inside joke i have with paul, shayna and my mom and dad has to do with bayswater. it's not really an inside joke, we just had a good time on the tube when we went to london 11 years ago.
the lovely view of hyde park from our hotel
portobello road. i know ben and dan said they didn't find much here they liked... but i do admit i was really tempted by a lot of things. i was good at holding back though :)
on 'd' bus to trafalgar
trafalgar... we visited the national gallery. so lovely.
gotta love these guys.
we also visited the imperial war museum.
testing the equipment
pretty building (the museum)
thanks for the lovely time, cute family!!!


all eyes on london

londontowne, england, united kingdom part 1
june 12cute brothers "tube surfing"
fish 'n' chips... mmmm the golden hind
big ben as seen from the london eye
i loved the capsules
zach & i discovering london
hooray! thanks for the eye tour (dave&linda)!
the tower of london behind us... waiting for the ceremony of the keys (p.s. the ceremony is free, but you must book in advance and it's totally awesome!!)
the tower bridge