how could you falter...

...when you're the rock of gibraltar?
june 1

gibraltar is super unique because it is its own country&city but it's part of the uk? yes, a little hard to understand. spain isn't too happy about this, though because they would very much like to have gibraltar as their own. well yeah! it's awesome. it was a lovely sunny day for the rock & the sea. aside from a minor unpleasant encounter at the 2 gate airport, gib was lovely.
many ways to get to spain
da rock. it's seriously huge and amazing.
happy, sunshiney day
gorgeous vistas
hooray for chacos hiking
wild monkeys reside on the rock o' gib. there were little pictures on the rock showing people feeding them and touching them--- and then the people get bitten. so we didn't feed or touch them. although, this little guy got really close to us and was really cute.
how often can you say you've stood on an airport runway!?
the rock from all angles: from the sea
matchy match


Mariah "Sniggs" said...

What an amazing place to be...When Europe calls---GIVE WAY!

Linds said...

i love big rocks. monkeys. chacos. and your posts.

glad you are being safe and having a good time!

shayna said...

I guess you can't get to Spain on foot. That's a big damn rock.

Gustogirl said...

Looks amazing!

sienna said...

i like how you can see your arm and the camera in your glasses on that runway shot. and that monkey is so cool.