j'adore [rainy] paris

paris, france
june 9 (happy anniversary, m&d!!)we went to notre dame... because last year when we went, it was closed. so sad.
and i loved it.
the center of paris
the deportation memorial
bus 69!! our favorite!
my second ever macaroon. (thanks katie for the first!) mmm pistachio.
the seine
the power of the french crêpe
writing a postcard to my french speaking lover at la fontaine de mars
we were lucky enough to eat at this restaurant. we had a date night like this one. :)
paris is always a lovely place for a good time :)

and i esp loved that
1/ some asian tourists asked me for directions
2/ some american tourists asked me to take a photo of them in slow english and in broken french (assuming i was french)
3/ some parisians asked me something in french
ha, i fooled you paris :)


Em & Gar said...

oh la la que c'est jolie! j'attend ton petit mot!

emily said...

you would say that *wink*

Peggy said...

Oh, so now you're French as well as Italian. Well then, you were raised on crepes. Call me, petit international traveler.

Mariah "Sniggs" said...

I love when you're mistaken for a native and I hope it really did rain because your first day in paris there needs to be a good strong rain. Course this wasn't your first time so maybe the point is moot.

shayna said...

I would love you so much more if you were actually French. I kid I kid....