kastles & kroners

copenhagen (kobenhavn), denmark part 1
june 3we're all together again, we're here, we're here...
this little harbor is nyhavn... where we stayed. so beautiful. i love copenhagen, the cute city.
frederiksborg castle... totally awesome.
the home of carl bloch paintings. a big deal for us mormons.
cute zach
the hedges make a monogram (see the A)

later we scored some free bikes (thanks to help from dan) and rode off into the sunset... well really to...
the little mermaid. it's home has been copenhagen for nearly 100 years. (because hans christian andersen is from copenhagen and he wrote the little mermaid... get it...)
sooo happy to be on bikes!!!
a windmill at the fortress
danish pride


Linds said...

I love riding places on bikes! Esp. in hott red pants, super sexy! ;)

sienna said...

glad you got to meet up with the fam. i love that pic of the harbor and the colorful row houses and ships.

Peggy said...

The painting of Mary and Elizabeth looks like you could walk into it, don't you think? We just saw the NG Night at the Museum [in DC, yea!] and they walk into paintings.
This all reminds me of our trip to the same area when we were newlyweds like you[but we didn't see the beautiful castle]. It really takes us back. Sigh