the land of cars & beer... and lederhosen

nurnberg & rotenberg, germany + the autobahn
june 2we had some "extra time" so we flew to munich and rented a car. it was a manual transmission... and since it's safe to say i am slightly more skilled at driving a stick than ben, i drove on the autobahn. [mostly] no speed limits. kind of exciting :)
nurnberg was the home of a lot of "national socialist" rallies. it was fascinating to see the huge arena in which people gathered nearly 70 years ago.
going a little fast on the autobahn... note the bird left of the audi symbol (no this wasn't our car)
rotenberg is a walled city that dates back to medieval times
the buildings kind of look like gingerbread houses. that's probably why we like them so much.
this is hilarious because "ausfahrt" is the word for exit... haha!
walking along the wall
i thought this sign was really cool... because bavaria is cool. and it is really is the land of cars: bmw, mini, mercedes, smart car, porsche, audi, volkswagon... you name it :)


The Proctor Group said...

I'm loving the updates of your trip! You guys are awesome at getting things posted quickly. Looks like so much fun!

sienna said...

germany looks fun. i am so proud of you--driving in another country. so adventurous. that is a really cool sign.

Linds said...

I wish I had me some of that "extra time"

Love you.
Miss you.

shayna said...

How does one apply for "extra time?" Can you send me an application?