next stop, bayswater

londontowne, england, united kingdom part 2
june 13a good inside joke i have with paul, shayna and my mom and dad has to do with bayswater. it's not really an inside joke, we just had a good time on the tube when we went to london 11 years ago.
the lovely view of hyde park from our hotel
portobello road. i know ben and dan said they didn't find much here they liked... but i do admit i was really tempted by a lot of things. i was good at holding back though :)
on 'd' bus to trafalgar
trafalgar... we visited the national gallery. so lovely.
gotta love these guys.
we also visited the imperial war museum.
testing the equipment
pretty building (the museum)
thanks for the lovely time, cute family!!!

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shayna said...

Remember when we developed English accents for a little while after we went to London for the first time? Oh we were so young and annoying.