the norge folks

oslo, norway part 2
june 8i love anything that resembles a wish dandelion
taking the ferry to the norskfolk museum
yes, i'll have an all pink boat.
very stylish lamp posts
exploring the norskfolk open air museum. dreaming of our future grass hut together.
a stairway made of a single [huge] log
hangin' with the folks
we found this church to be the most fascinating--- basically all these various buildings were taken from different parts of norway and put back together at this museum (this church being from the 1200s)
we heart norway
i had to post this--- we saw this industrial sized "kitchen aid" at an awesome antique store. and i wanted it, but i knew it wouldn't fit in my carry-on.
we love traaaaains
norway is... kinda pretty :D
we loved it. and for me, personally, it was very special. i'm so glad i got to see where my dad served some of his mission.

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Peggy said...

We heart Norway too. By the way, thank you for the anniversary wishes. Welcome back and you have one adorable niece. What an amazing experience.