O, baltimore is baseball's birdland

some may already know... but the baltimore orioles are ben's favorite, favorite baseball team. this is convenient because camden yards (their stadium) is only about 40 minutes from where we live. this is inconvenient because the washington nationals are their ultimate rival. what to do?

the first 10,000 fans got free jerseys. ben was the last one to get one. really. it was ok that i didn't get one because we can always share :)
shot #5. in the first 4, ben cut the bottom of my face off.
p.s. i love camden because you can take your own food in!!! totally awesome.
a sad fan all the way up at the top.
but don't worry we won. (unlike the last time we went to an O's game.)
don't you love the foam finger? (thanks katie for the finger and my hat!!!)
after the game we walked to the inner harbor... sooo pretty (this is [near] where the star spangled banner was written. heard of it?)
then we enjoyed some ice custard happiness. mmmm rita's
and i tested out the green bike... without actual pedals or wheels :)


Linds said...

how exciting! i would love to go to a game of some sort. it doesn't really seem like there is much of that here. i guess we could go to a bees game ;)

i am so thrilled that ben was the last person! what luck!

ice custard happiness sounds blissful. i don't think logan has any custard places---but their aggie ice cream is yummy. you'll have to come try some out-you're welcome anytime.

shayna said...

That bike looks really comfortable, can I get one?