oh, oslo

oslo, norway part 1
june 7

so my dad served his lds mission in norway. so, that's pretty cool.

we attended church in norwegian. perfect.

ben and i visited the national gallery (for freeee) and saw this painting, among some other really cool ones. then we sat at the harbor and ate some food. it was a surprisingly beautiful day!!! the building on the right is the nobel peace center. pretty awesome, oslo.
oslo, town hall
the gate to frogner park
literally juggling babies
i love 'd' park
self timer
kind of crazy, but awesome. i loved it
self timer again
joining in


shayna said...

If you're going to join in on a group of naked women in statue...you could at least take your top off.

Linds said...

There is NOTHING like a juggling baby statue. Wish I had one for the garden :)