stayed in bayeux, saw the beaches

normandie region, france
june 10-11

we stayed in lovely bayeax and saw the famous tapestry. it's really long and fabulously stitched. we also visited the beaches of ww2--- where the day of days occured (d day).sword beach
u.s. pride
as you can see this detailed map shows you where it all happened. and you also get to see cute zach playing with his trains :)
omaha beach
the lovely memorial
yet another beautiful cemetery.
pointe du hocexperiencing the groundsbeautiful grassy knoll
utah beach... probably the biggest beach i've ever seen! (as far as width of beach to water)
see... it's huge!
we also saw the church in Sainte-Mère-Église. see the paratroopers in the stained glass?! lovely.

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