tapas con chocolate

may 28-29
dear barcelona,
we loved you.

we can't wait to come back again. and eat more tapas. and enjoy your sea.
it's a sculpture. interpret how you will
churros con chocolate. eat for breakfast. it's not breaking the rules
la sagrada familia. look it up. enjoy it. love guadi.
stained glass art. mi favorito.
i looved the ceiling. so cool. and amazing.

the windy stairs. dizzy

such a hot husband man o' mine

the typical supermarket-picnic-in-the-park lunch

a happy boy with his spanish olives. sooooo good.

iberco ham. it's supposed to rival prosciutto. but i don't really think they are comparable. i'm also really partial to italy. and everything italian.

juicy juice in the covered market. mmmm

tapas tapas tapas... yes, we did get patatas fritas. i am not ashamed. we also got baby octopus, mussels, calamare and mushrooms. i recommend las tapas.

we love you, metro


Peggy said...

Em,Grandma will love this blog. How fun to get this education in art history. My favorite is the stained glass windows of the temple. The SL temple took 40 years. This took Gaudi 40 yrs and there is still no end in sight.
Love you two

Berkeley said...

Wow. Everything looks delicious.

Linds said...

beautiful. lovely. looks like it tastes great! churros and chocolate sound delightful!

keep 'em coming. i am living vicariously through you :)

Tony said...

so fun. i agree with linds. i like being able to see europe through your eyes.

sienna (not tony)

shayna said...

Soooo, I'm sensing there's a theme to this trip. Could it be FOOD?