templos y toros

may 30-31
madrid, spain.
so pretty. i'm really glad we came here. going to temple in spanish was a whole other experience for me. and my gma & her husband served a mission here. hooray.
we love to see the templo.
pequeño metro ticket.
i love funny signs in metros.
the madrid metro has been my favorite so far.
we were fortunate enough to attend a bull fight at las ventas. it was incredible. i will never forget was it was like to be squeezed in that huge stadium with 91% locals and lots of cigarette smoke. the cultural experience alone did it for me. not to mention the excitement and anxiety of the actual bull fight.
we scored some amazingly cheap and awesome tickets. ben was overjoyed.
it was kind of sold out
it was like a dance to me.
the dance part 2
a very picturesque shot of what the stadium looks like at its best.
museo del prado. it competes with the louvre. i think they are both lovely and full of art :)
i loved this tree in el parque. weird and dr. seuss looking

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Peggy said...

Whoo wee, you really get around and hit all of the high spots. The temple being the highest.I'm so glad you are having all these great experiences and that you are able to keep us all in your hip pocket with your blog.