ti amo, milano

milano & nerviano, italia
june 14-17
as we were driving into nerviano, there was a procession taking place. fascinating.
thanks, fillipo, alessandra... we thought this was funny :)
the lovely casa
the lovely duomo and ben. we spent the 5 euro to climb the stairs to the top. totally worth it. i love this duomo. i think it's amazing. and it's huge. and not under construction anymore!!
you can see all of milano from the top!!
in this shot you can see the duomo, the galleria & the castello

we also fell in love with this shop.
i re-fell in love with this store and ben fell in love too.
i don't shop in the u.s.--- but i do in milano :)

the three most amazing flavors of gelato: pistacchio, frutti di bosco, cocco

we were able to enjoy our favorite pizza place: santa lucia & our favorite gelato place... several times :)
elena said, "i am italian and i think this gelato is very good!" that's the best part about our little town, it's not for tourists= inexpensive, amazing gelato.
i do love my elena
we're so glad we got to see our friends and enjoy nerv/mil. we love it there.

the end of the euro posts. next stop... the d.r.? YES PLEASE :)

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