tours & tivoli

copenhagen, denmark part 2
june 4

"hans christian andersen" guided a walking tour of copenhagen on this day. it was super fun to learn about how things were and are today.the town hall
you may know this statue. basically there are copies in probably every lds temple visitors center. well, this is the original. pretty cool.
this street is to believed the one where ben's ancestor (the one who inspired this trip) lived and worked in copenhagen.
h.c. andersen is in the purple coat (hehe)
lunch in nyhavn
submarine we saw on a boat tour of copenhagen
the biggest yacht you've ever seen
the royal palace
the opera house
on the boat tour with a spire of dragons' tails behind us (the stock exchange)
my buff man at tivoli gardens (the park which inspired walt disney to build disneyland. true story)
it was a pretty park/garden
you get money back for depositing your plastic cups. very green
see those swings up there?? yes, we swung in those. we were able to see all of copenhagen from that height, the sunset and sweden.
we loved you, tivoli


Kevin said...

Looks fantastic although Sweden's Lego Jesus might have you topped. http://www.gearfuse.com/lego-jesus-was-assembled-for-your-sins/

Peggy said...

Oh yes, Tiboli with all the lights at night, we loved it!
And the powerful Christus statue. We love it always.