we rocked the kasbah

tangier, morocco
may 31-june 1moroccan flag (the king was coming to visit in a few days so the flag was up everywhere).
da beach
this cute girl was sort of following us in the sea. she was adorable
green. door. ob.sessed.
nice views
rockin' it
way pretty look out point from the kasbah.
our very diligent "tourguide"--- that we didn't ask for.
umm i guess this guy wrapped this on my head to get me to want to buy it. ummm....?
we had couscous with chicken (very moroccan) and lamb with prunes. and just lamb... that was amazing. all of it was amazing. i promise.
agadir restuarant. amazing.
the send off view from our hotel. thanks, tangier.


Linds said...

i about died laughing at the picture where the guy wrapped that thing on your head. holy cow---that is super cute of you. please tell me that you got it ;)

shayna said...

Ah yes...the head wrap, it helps to emphasize your face.