the success of trying something new

trying something new is always a little nerve racking... eeeek. but we got brave and tried matchbox while my mom and aunt were still here. so sad they're gone impressive looking menus, hehehe. i'm easily impressed ;)
complements of the chef... ricotta, pepperoni, balsamic vinegar. all good things.
we were quite happy! as you can see, i really care a lot about food. :)i've been on a huge calamari kick since spain. i just think it's fab-u-los.

so we're really glad we tried this new place. we really want to go back. it's good to keep your expectations low so that when it's soooo good. it's even better. does that make sense? ha.
try something new this weekend. live it up.
happy, happy weekend my lovelies!


two fold love affair

remember when i admitted my nerdy-ness? (here i go again)

i'm just really having a love affair with the metro lately. i just loooove it. and i know it makes me out to be a nerdy-er nerd, but i love public transportation. growing up in utah like i did, public transport was not very common :(

and i love public radio (triple nerd).
ira glass [via] . this american life. do listen. (free podcast!)

how do you nerd out? *wink*


today i love

thanks so much, olivia for featuring us on your blog today!! read up :)

just the little taste...

on sunday i visited the loveliest little aquatic garden with my mamma & aunt.

ben didn't join us and i was a little excited about that--- because now i know how amazing it is and so we can visit together later.

you can definitely get a feel for what we saw. an explosion of lotus flowers! i promise i'll update you [with more photos] when i sneak ben over there!


playing tourist & seeing art

i love having visitors--- because we get to do so many things that we keep meaning to do! hooray for playing tourist for the week :)we got to see the american indian museum [smithsonian, of course]
some art of fritz scholder. i loved the splash of green on pink in this one.
we also visited the hirschorn museum [smithsonian]. i just thought this was fascinating--- these glass boxes had been sent to the museum for an installation and all of them were broken upon arrival. i think that was the point, though :)
the american art museum [smithsonian]. this is the hall where president lincoln had his 2nd inaugural ball!
i really loved this piece--- it was all 50 neon states with tvs behind them. as you can see, idaho potatoes and utah mountains.
later my mom treated us all to mai thai in old town alexandria! it was lovely. and somehow we were matching...
and so were ben and aunt deanna. haha.

fun times.

p.s. feel like donating some pennies to the smithsonian institution? please do! there has been talk that the s.i. will start charging admission *gasp* please donate to the cause :)
and if you've never been, come visit, stay with us and then decide if you'd like to donate!


eastern market flowers

on saturday we visited eastern market where all the farmers and crafters come out to play. i love eastern market. and as you can probably see, i am moderately obsessed with flowers.
i'm glad we got to share it with these cute ladies--- my aunt, deanna & my mom, peggy. they are a whole bundle of giggling fun when they get together.
my mom is a health nut (as i mentioned) and so, naturally she was drawn to the honey stand. she was so excited when she was told she could taste the honey.
aren't these sunflowers so happy?! oh i just looove sunflowers.
and here's a little more of my flower obsession. cockscomb. i loooove this flower. i just had to incorporate it into my floral arrangements at our wedding. i wish i had some good shots handy...
here's one!! enjoy :)
so... i know i'm not the only one who loves flowers! what is your favorite and why??!
hope you had a lovely weekend.


a berry weakness

as a late little birthday celebration--- we made my mom a nice dinner ... she is sort of health nut (a little extreme for my taste) buuuuut her little dessert weakness is:strawberries and cream. soooooo yummy. you can see the little smirk on her face :)
what is your little desserty weakness??

happy sunday, lovelies!!


lovely lunch, lovely lovers

i sneeked home for lunch today. i just really wanted to see my husband. period.

we talked and giggled. and i realized. i just really love him.

when we went our seperate ways i text him:
me: thanks for letting me meet you. it made my day
ben: mine too
gush gush gush. i love my hubs! we didn't get frozen yogurt for our lunch date today--- but this was just too pretty, i had to share.

oh--- and have the most wonderful weekend!!
i expect a full report when we all "get back"


potomac fooood

over the weekend {when we took a break from painting} we went to tim's rivershore in dumfries, virginia. it was lovely. we've been there a few times before... but this time it was especially nice to indulge in hard shell crabs, hush puppies and fried pickles. comfort food for some!if you look closely, you can see my shirt has little crabs on it :)

if you like seafood do try fresh hardshell crabs out at some point. the crabs at tim's are actually maryland crabs which have a very good rep. maryland is just right across the river from this place--- so they could be considered virginmaryland crabs (ha, funny name).
fried pickles... really good. if you're into that :)
tim's has a cute little dock. i love walking out and feeling the nice breeze. it's a cute secluded place.
i also have a BIG thing for trains...
indulge in any greasy food lately? ;) do share!

okokok... i know, it's trivial

i think anthropologie is a great store. not to say i have actually bought anything from there. but i have browsed quite a few times in georgetown and at the gateway.
and hoped and wished... someday i may be able to afford something from there.

i once found a skirt that was about $25--- totally affordable for anthropologie. but when i was taking it off the rack, i realized it was an apron. buuuuummmer.

you were fooled just now too--- weren't you? it was just like this apron. ha.

anyway... my point is... being an anthropologist and all... i get really sort of bugged when people call the store anthropologie, "anthro." it sort of takes away from the whole experience for me. because all i can think of is anthro 247 with the professor from you-know-where and 20 page faux research proposal that's due and how she isn't sympathetic and is on her PhD power trip and is so amazing because she speaks 4 languages...

and... well to me, only anthropology, the study of peoples and cultures can be called, anthro.

thanks, i'm done :)


happy birthday, mamma!

my mom's birthday!! happy, happy birthday, mom!! *photo taken at our wedding!

isn't she bee-u-tii--ful?

dear mom,

thanks for being amazing. thanks for having me even though you didn't really plan on it. thanks for making me breakfast and reading the scriptures to me every morning when i was growing up. thanks for being my friend- even when i was a teenager. thanks for teaching me to love art. thanks for making my bedroom your painting room when i moved out- how flattering. thanks for teaching me to eat well and to put my "wheat in there." thanks for calling me and being concerned about me. thanks for loving ben and thinking he's swell. thanks: for being my mom.

and thanks for spontaneously coming to visit us!!! (she arrives tomorrow with her sister, deanna!!)

happy birthday, mamma.




the history of vinyls

last week...

ben got a turntable (via nice gift cards from siblings) --- for his birthday.
we listened to cat stevens and then simon & garfunkel.
it made me think of growing up and listening to nothing but vinyls. i would go crazy because my brothers would blast u2, pearl jam & the beatles.
but listening to the vinyls the other night... made me cry a little (only a little). for me, there is something about that noise at the beginning of a record when the needle hits it and spins around with no music just yet. and... just listening to the oldies but goodies.
*sigh* it was lovely.
any lovely memories [as of late] you'd like to share?


don't you love before & after shots?

we did a much needed painting project over the weekend. yucky stripe must go!!! before: when we first moved in, you can see the dissaray, the stripe and yuck blinds.
after: i hear "hallelujah" in my head when i look at this photo.
what do you think?!!

how was your weekend?? what did you do?

p.s. i was so proud of this cute publication. check out their story about polaroids. save polaroid instant film!!!


why we love our neighborhood

1/ we can actually run errands

we needed a touch up brush for our painting project for the weekend
(pictures to follow) and a couple things from the grocery store.

so we ran to the hardware store and the grocery store.
and we admired the undeniably cute row houses.

thanks lovely neighborhood.

hope you're having a lovely saturday!!


i can read

my new favorite blog today is i can read thanks to erin.i love funky socks, comfy shoes & [especially] sidewalk chalk.
i love the feeling of wanting to do anything and everything with my hubs!!
this one makes me giggle because i always joke about how i dress like an 8 yr old. and i love the lure of an empty swingset.

what do you love today?


2 offices & 1 desk

this last week i've been running between 2 offices and a desk. i've been doing three people's jobs. just for the week, luckily. but after july 31 i will permanently be doing 2 people's jobs. yup. that's the economy for ya.if only my desk was as swank as this. *sigh*


i heart you, metro

ben and i get to ride home together again today. third time this week. i like this streak.

i love seeing him at the end of my work days... and not having to go home without him and drum my fingernails on the table until he comes home.

just kidding, i don't do that. ..

what do you look forward to at the "end" of your day?
happy evening!!

happy harry day

happy {HARRY POTTER} day!!
i know. i'm totally a nerd. buuuut i love harry potter. and i can't wait to see the movie.

do you plan on seeing it? do you fancy it at all?
who is your favorite?

i love hagrid and dobby.

well i love them all, let's be honest.


museum of modern art. period.

we were lucky enough to enjoy the moma in manhattan. my cute ny headquartered company has a corporate membership so ben and i got in for freeeeeeeeeee. we love for free.
we decided we're attracted to maps and rainbows. ooooo the colors
making our own comma art
we loved this wallso we got our names added
and we saw my favorite ever painting
this painting really made me think a lot and was very profound to me. thanks pablo.

i just love art. don't you?!


concrete jungle for the weekend

we ran away to ny for the weekend:
and visited this lovely place--- the lds templewe went to coney island--- ate a coney dog
rode the wonder wheelwent to a mets game--- ate at this amazing burger joint!!
we also visited the unisphere--- built for the world's fair. HUGE

hope you had a lovely weekend!! what did you do?

p.s. sorry the polaroids are a little crooked--- but i guess that's part of the fun :) xo