26 reasons why i love my hubs

it's ben's [hubs] birthday today!!!1/ he loves me (which is sometimes hard to do)
2/ he lets me tease him--- sometimes
3/ he is very selfless and lets me get my way a lot
4/ he makes sure we have ample cuddle time everyday, especially when i am feeling sad
5/ his enthusiasm to celebrate
6/ he loves trader joe's almost as much as i do ;)
7/ he loves to travel (with me, especially :))
8/ he has a great relationship with his family and my family
9/ his constant love and concern for the little ones in our families :)
10/ he is very good to say thank you or say mmmm when i make something good for dinner
11/ his uncanny knack for asking to help with something when i'm almost finished ;)
12/ he motivates me to be better, to be healthy and to grow my brain
13/ he is very supportive and assures me i will do well in my upcoming master's endeavors (that kind of encouragement is so essential!!)
14/ i can ask him almost anything and he'll know the answer
15/ i can say i don't get it [to sometimes stupid things] and he'll explain it to me without making me feel the least bit silly
16/ he let me buy otter pops to better complete our summer needs
17/ he gets stuff down off the high shelves for me
18/ he tells me i'm not socially awkward even though i feel like i am [sometimes]
19/ he makes a lot of funny jokes, so i am giggling constantly
20/ he isn't [or doesn't seem] annoyed with my obsessions with cupcakes, ice cream & frozen yogurt, girly singers, mediterranean countries and our city
21/ he has very good taste in music... which means we even listen to my girly stuff :)
22/ he is very optimistic and smiles really big at me when i feel like smiling the least--- so then i smile :)
23/ he has a talent for talking to people about the things they are really interested in
24/ he is really patient with me
25/ he tells me he loves me and that he thinks i'm beautiful, everyday
26/ he is incredible, my hero and my favorite person. i love you, benjamin


Rose Red said...

Aren't husbands great! I'm glad you found such a wonderful man.

Sarah said...

Emily, I just adore your blog.

Love this list! Ben sounds like the perfect man for you! Here's to wonderful husbands!

Happy Birthday to Ben! Have a wonderful day you two :)