celebrating birthdays is a favorite of mine

yesterday was ben's birthday!!! (see below post)we had a lunch picnic in dupont circle and people watched. my family got ben a tent for his birthday!! we can't wait to go camping!!!
we also tried hello cupcake. del.ish. although, i think i still love georgetown more.
for dinner we tried zaytinya. it's greek-turkish-lebanese food. do try it. (this is olive oil and pomegranate molasses. mmmmm
(i love this library)
and we had a lovely time! hooray for birthdays!!


our little love nest said...

Happy belated Birthday, Ben!! I want the Greek-Turkish-Lebanese food! YUM! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love picnics! Glad you spent his birthday in such a lovely way. I wouldve done the same :)

Sarah said...

Oh wow! What a terrific day you two had! I love it. Thank you for posting the pictures of your fun time together...