concrete jungle for the weekend

we ran away to ny for the weekend:
and visited this lovely place--- the lds templewe went to coney island--- ate a coney dog
rode the wonder wheelwent to a mets game--- ate at this amazing burger joint!!
we also visited the unisphere--- built for the world's fair. HUGE

hope you had a lovely weekend!! what did you do?

p.s. sorry the polaroids are a little crooked--- but i guess that's part of the fun :) xo


Rose Red said...

It's so awesome how many different looking temples there are. My favorite is the San Diego temple.

Looks like you had a fun weekend.

our little love nest said...

We debated on going in the direction of NY or DC for our adventure trip last week but ended up heading South. I so want to go to Chinatown in NY but Coney Island looks amazing too. I love those photos!xoxo

Sarah said...

Oh how fun! I love this. That Shake Shack picture makes me hungry!