head in the clouds... and jcrew

today is the type of daydreaming monday~~~

i am still recovering from a long lovely weekend of lounging, playing and fun with the hubs.

and i like to lust after clothing online.this just looks so comfortable, yet sleek and attractive. perfect combo for me! if only. *sigh*


Fawn said...

it is a very lovely outfit! J.crew is happiness

Adele said...

haha! I do the same thing. I regularly lust after all the things I cannot afford that I can zoom in on and dream about being in..all ONLINE. the internet could very well be more of a curse, don't ya think? (: xx

Daniel Alejandro Romano said...

Good way to start the ween then. I wish you it continuous through out the rest of the week.

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Aya Smith said...

That is a lovely outfit! At least it looks somewhat easy to recreate ^_^

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Oh JCrew, why do you have to cost an arm and a leg :)