i heart you, metro

ben and i get to ride home together again today. third time this week. i like this streak.

i love seeing him at the end of my work days... and not having to go home without him and drum my fingernails on the table until he comes home.

just kidding, i don't do that. ..

what do you look forward to at the "end" of your day?
happy evening!!


Rose Red said...

That's a great picture. I look forward to watching T.V. with my husband.

becks said...

Oh emily! You know I read your blog fervently:) *never forgets* btw, I like it that your handwriting isn't cursive. I was beginning to worry I was a little immature with my letters round and separated. (All my friends have "graduated" to sexy cursive ones.)

At the end of my day, I look forward to bath time. Nothing beats having a good wash and then lying flat out on my bed.

kate lines photography. said...

i look forward to talking in bed with my love.

Little Miss Tiara said...

omg! I missed this blog! No wonder I feel I left something behind D:

the picture is so nice! And that's cute of you two to get home :)

our little love nest said...

Great photo.
I look forward to snuggling up on the sofa or going for a drive together. xo

emily said...

becks: i'm glad we have similar views on handwriting.
everyone: i love what you look forward to. all so perfect!!