lovely lunch, lovely lovers

i sneeked home for lunch today. i just really wanted to see my husband. period.

we talked and giggled. and i realized. i just really love him.

when we went our seperate ways i text him:
me: thanks for letting me meet you. it made my day
ben: mine too
gush gush gush. i love my hubs! we didn't get frozen yogurt for our lunch date today--- but this was just too pretty, i had to share.

oh--- and have the most wonderful weekend!!
i expect a full report when we all "get back"


our little love nest said...

YUM! Greenville, SC has an amazing frozen yogurt place with treats that are all organic and delicious. This made me have a HUGE craving and need to go back. xo

Rose Red said...
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Rose Red said...

I love stories of happily married couples.

The colors are beautiful, but what exactly is on the one on the right? Jelly beans? My little sister loves gummy bears on hers

Little Miss Tiara said...

omg, those look really yummy! Haha, I love the colors! And the love story (shirt love story?) sweetened it :) or vice cersa? haha

emily said...

thanks ladies!
kellie--- the yogurt on the right has strawberries, gushers and mike 'n' ikes
my husband likes to try lots of new things!

Adele said...

so sweet that you sneaked home for lunch (: he must have been delighted to get to spend time with you (: have a great weekend! xx

Sarah said...

You two make smile. Really!!!! I love this post. You guys are adorable!