museum of modern art. period.

we were lucky enough to enjoy the moma in manhattan. my cute ny headquartered company has a corporate membership so ben and i got in for freeeeeeeeeee. we love for free.
we decided we're attracted to maps and rainbows. ooooo the colors
making our own comma art
we loved this wallso we got our names added
and we saw my favorite ever painting
this painting really made me think a lot and was very profound to me. thanks pablo.

i just love art. don't you?!


our little love nest said...

so envious here...maybe one day...sigh. xo

Aya Smith said...

Oh it looks like so much fun! You're so lucky ^_^

Rose Red said...

Your so lucky to live close to awesome art galleries and museums. I'm so jealous.

Sarah said...

I'm so jealous too, but I love that you're so willing to share your adventures. The Picasso is fabulous! I love that top picture...nice!

becks said...

I usually take horrible museum pictures but I must say your photos here are schweeeeet!