okokok... i know, it's trivial

i think anthropologie is a great store. not to say i have actually bought anything from there. but i have browsed quite a few times in georgetown and at the gateway.
and hoped and wished... someday i may be able to afford something from there.

i once found a skirt that was about $25--- totally affordable for anthropologie. but when i was taking it off the rack, i realized it was an apron. buuuuummmer.

you were fooled just now too--- weren't you? it was just like this apron. ha.

anyway... my point is... being an anthropologist and all... i get really sort of bugged when people call the store anthropologie, "anthro." it sort of takes away from the whole experience for me. because all i can think of is anthro 247 with the professor from you-know-where and 20 page faux research proposal that's due and how she isn't sympathetic and is on her PhD power trip and is so amazing because she speaks 4 languages...

and... well to me, only anthropology, the study of peoples and cultures can be called, anthro.

thanks, i'm done :)


Rose Red said...

I have never called that store anthro, and I promise you that I never will.

You could totally attach one of those aprons to a plain skirt.

They have the most amazing sweaters, but when I look at the price I want to cry.

Sarah said...

Then I will too Emily! Thank you for bringing this to my attention, because my niece DOES call it "anthro" She won't anymore. I promise.

I would absolutely love to hear more about your career. Anthropology fascinates me to the nth. Any suggestions for books, papers, etc.?

emily said...

thanks you two :) it's really ok if other people call the store "anthro"... just as long as i don't have to hear it :)

it's my goal to be better about focusing a little more on MY anthro--- because it was my undergrad but it's also my focus in my upcoming graduate program! hoooray!

becks said...

I like anthro...pologie *heh* stuff too. but it's usually so expensive and they dont have it here or in Singapore.

Sarah said...

i'm now having grad program envy. good for you Emily! Bravo!!

Shanna Suburbia said...

I think people just call it that to be lazy. Just saying. =P