photographic bliss!!

not only is today amazing... because I have work off and it's a paid holiday (!!!!)

but today, my husband's old canon rebel (film) camera arrived in the mail [via his mom, thanks!] i have a ton (like 100 rolls) of film that no one in my office wanted. it's professional quality, expired film--- i hope for some interesting results!!

being attacked by our new lovely cameras :)

and the sun 660 polaroid i found on craigslist came in the mail! with film in it and all :)

i truly am in photographic bliss today.

p.s. why didn't i graduate in photography? oh, because i decided to study peoples and cultures instead... and take photographs of them.

p.p.s. hehe. i feel shy to ask this :) but... does anyone out there have a Polaroid Sun 660? I can't get it to fold up... and I don't want to hurt it. Any advice?


our little love nest said...

I wish. Lucky girl. xo

Sarah said...

I just had one that did that too! I just gave it a wee bit more muscle. Had to do it a few times before it finally worked well. Like something was rubbing maybe? I know, not much help, but wanted to share :)

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun today!

emily said...

i figured out my polaroid--- you're right sarah, it required a little more muscle, i just didn't want to hurt it!! thanks :)