playing tourist & seeing art

i love having visitors--- because we get to do so many things that we keep meaning to do! hooray for playing tourist for the week :)we got to see the american indian museum [smithsonian, of course]
some art of fritz scholder. i loved the splash of green on pink in this one.
we also visited the hirschorn museum [smithsonian]. i just thought this was fascinating--- these glass boxes had been sent to the museum for an installation and all of them were broken upon arrival. i think that was the point, though :)
the american art museum [smithsonian]. this is the hall where president lincoln had his 2nd inaugural ball!
i really loved this piece--- it was all 50 neon states with tvs behind them. as you can see, idaho potatoes and utah mountains.
later my mom treated us all to mai thai in old town alexandria! it was lovely. and somehow we were matching...
and so were ben and aunt deanna. haha.

fun times.

p.s. feel like donating some pennies to the smithsonian institution? please do! there has been talk that the s.i. will start charging admission *gasp* please donate to the cause :)
and if you've never been, come visit, stay with us and then decide if you'd like to donate!


Olivia Rae said...

i was just at all of these places! including alexandria... mai thai looked so good but we went for greek instead!

our little love nest said...

That would be such an amazing place to visit. xo

Sarah said...

love these pictures. some day i am gonna get there for a visit. (it seems really wrong that a history geek like me hasn't been to these places yet!) in the meantime i will live through your pictures emily..thank you!!!!!!

Sarah said...

thank you for your comment emily...I didn't know you were from Utah!!!! We have a saying here in our house: "It's all about Utah." I'm so excited to know you're from there! Lucky, lucky, lucky girl...in every way :)

Sarah said...

hi again :) replying to your comment - yep! "It's all about Utah" because it's one gigantic scenic turnout. And the people there are fantastic.

Rose Red said...

I'm so jealous! My dream is to someday work at the smithsonian.

Little Miss Tiara said...

omg wow! I and my friends talked about how cool smithsonian is and there you are talking about it! D: and seriously it's even better than what I imagined! Haha... must really visit it one day :)