potomac fooood

over the weekend {when we took a break from painting} we went to tim's rivershore in dumfries, virginia. it was lovely. we've been there a few times before... but this time it was especially nice to indulge in hard shell crabs, hush puppies and fried pickles. comfort food for some!if you look closely, you can see my shirt has little crabs on it :)

if you like seafood do try fresh hardshell crabs out at some point. the crabs at tim's are actually maryland crabs which have a very good rep. maryland is just right across the river from this place--- so they could be considered virginmaryland crabs (ha, funny name).
fried pickles... really good. if you're into that :)
tim's has a cute little dock. i love walking out and feeling the nice breeze. it's a cute secluded place.
i also have a BIG thing for trains...
indulge in any greasy food lately? ;) do share!


Rose Red said...

Yum crabs. Yuck pickles! Warm pickles gross me out and I don't like pickles if their sliced. Is that weird?

It looks so pretty there.

Tonight for dinner we had curry, kinda greasy, very spicy and delicious.

Emily Anne said...

Your blog is beautiful!

I love the header, I love the title, I love that there is 'pulchritude' in the description. It won me over. And I love this post! There you have it :)

I WISH that I could find somewhere that makes fried pickles, because they sound AMAZING. I sadly have not indulged in greasy food lately-- however there is a jar of nutella in the cupboard which I believe has my name on it ;)

Sarah said...

Fried pickles?!? I must try that ASAP. I love pickles!

My greasy food indulgence lately? Hubby's puffy tacos...yummmm.

I am crazy about that picture of the restaurant. Bravo!

Jocelyn said...

Fried pickles are soooo yummy! Now I have a craving for some. Love your blog...so fun:-)