the success of trying something new

trying something new is always a little nerve racking... eeeek. but we got brave and tried matchbox while my mom and aunt were still here. so sad they're gone impressive looking menus, hehehe. i'm easily impressed ;)
complements of the chef... ricotta, pepperoni, balsamic vinegar. all good things.
we were quite happy! as you can see, i really care a lot about food. :)i've been on a huge calamari kick since spain. i just think it's fab-u-los.

so we're really glad we tried this new place. we really want to go back. it's good to keep your expectations low so that when it's soooo good. it's even better. does that make sense? ha.
try something new this weekend. live it up.
happy, happy weekend my lovelies!


Sarah said...

Ohhhhhhh, that looks soooooooooo yummy Emily. That menu is beyond cool too!

I love what you wrote about trying something new. This kind of spirit is exactly why I chose you and Techno Anthro for an award I got to give out today. It's in today's post for you on Dayspring.

Rose Red said...

It looks soooo fancy! I love trying new restaurants.

Olivia Rae said...

haha i care a lot about food too!! that all looks delicious!