trying to figure out my mood

sometimes my dreams are all over the place and it can set the mood for the rest of my day.
i got up and showered and took my time to find out i only had a 1/2 hour to get dressed & ready, make lunches and have breakfast. and my husband wasn't even up yet.
i felt bad because then i was in a bad mood. raarrr.
but i feel all better now. i just have a lot going on. work is ever changing, it's my husband's birthday on thursday and then we're leaving town for the weekend.
this photo (taken in norway at frogner park)... and i think the statue does a good job of symbolizing my "juggling."

but i shouldn't complain. i have a job to be grateful for and more importantly i have an amazing husband to be eternally grateful for.

and this fall is going to be much more chaotic. period.

so. i'll enjoy my summer while i can :)

enjoy your day, lovelies!!

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Sarah said...

LOL, I love the picture and the symbolic nature of it. Very cute.

I love your positive spirit too! Great post for me to read today...thank you!