two fold love affair

remember when i admitted my nerdy-ness? (here i go again)

i'm just really having a love affair with the metro lately. i just loooove it. and i know it makes me out to be a nerdy-er nerd, but i love public transportation. growing up in utah like i did, public transport was not very common :(

and i love public radio (triple nerd).
ira glass [via] . this american life. do listen. (free podcast!)

how do you nerd out? *wink*


Sarah said...

Ira!! I love Ira, and Sarah Vowell, and everything about NPR, ESPECIALLY This American Life.

I love that you love the Metro Emily. That's two people I know that love the D.C. Metro!! My very best friend in all the land lives in Fairfax and takes the Metro every day to work. She loves it too! What is it about the Metro? So cool...

I love this picture of you on the train. The dress is cute!

I guess if you're a nerd, this means I am too. I'm good with that :)

Happy Thursday!

our little love nest said...

I am so with you on both! I miss our public transportation in Vancouver. Being a nerd is a good thing, right... xo

Rose Red said...

I wish there was public transportation here. I loved living in London and taking the tube everyday.
I love wait wait don't tell me on NPR.

I love watching discovery, history, & travel channel.

Julia said...

nerds are cool these days :)

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I am also in love with This American Life! It keeps me in my chair on Tuesday Morning when the podcast loads.

Just stumbled on your blog... delightful!

Megan Marie said...

ooOOOoo, I'm in love with public transportation, too. Driving makes me lurpy (that's a made-up word, but it's the only way I can describe the feeling). I miss big city life and traveling in Europe. I guess that's where I fell in love.

I'm thinking of a post I made forever ago. I forget where it is. I'm going to look! Now you've got me all excited!!!

Emily Anne said...

Hahaha YEAH kindred nerd spirits!!!

I nerd out every day in every nerdy way possible. In fact, oh god this is shameful to admit, my boyfriend and I swap the most interesting/awesome Wikipedia pages we find every day. Urk.

I also love to proofread.


That's all for now. I could go all day but I think everyone's opinion of me would drop significantly hahaha.