why we love our neighborhood

1/ we can actually run errands

we needed a touch up brush for our painting project for the weekend
(pictures to follow) and a couple things from the grocery store.

so we ran to the hardware store and the grocery store.
and we admired the undeniably cute row houses.

thanks lovely neighborhood.

hope you're having a lovely saturday!!


Rose Red said...

It looks so pretty there.

Tyler said...

I love DC. Last time we were there we got loads of Cake Love treats and went to this great Moroccan restaurant, Marrakesh. Great city, you're lucky to live there

becks said...

Like the red and green house! Can't wait to see your paint project pictures:)

becks said...

ps: as much as i wished i was a phd genius, I'm just doing a little masters. heh.

Sarah said...

love the picture of the row houses!

looks like another perfect Saturday in DC! Lucky, lucky kids. :)

our little love nest said...

I love the row houses! So wanting to visit DC! You guys are too cute! xoxo

Red Boots said...

Ooh, such sweet photos. I love the multi-colour houses. When I finally own a house, I want to paint it turquoise blue. One day... xx