rock creek earrings

i finally made it to rock creek park today. my friend dina and i got together to be crafty and make earrings--- a secret love of mine :)i made these with old stained glass from when i used to build stained glass windows in college. those were the days.

what do you think?
rock creek is gorgeous... so nice and greeeeeen.
the earring ladies
oh and these i made with danish kroner (denmark's currency). the coins come with holes in the middle. how perfect!

any dormant hobbies you've picked up again recently?


what does mozambique taste like?

now i finally know what mozambique frozen custard tastes like.

[p.s. i love food & sugar]
happy near end of summer :)
and happy weekend!


the west's best

the west's best burger: in n out. have you had it? mmmmmok so I might have withheld this polaroid from you yesterday. but that's because it was taken in las vegas.
when ben & i were dating (and even when we weren't) i always wrote him a note on my in n out receipts. mostly to brag about the awesome meal i just had :) so i wrote him a note on saturday at in n out.
it really has never tasted so good.
vanilla shake. i live for it.

dear in n out,
you are the west's best.
stay sweet, never change. see you next year! (hehe or in december :))


saint george in polaroids

hubs & i sat and giggled sunday night about how i grew up in st george. it's a great place. really. but just a little funny. i love its little quirks.the black hill--- you can see the "D" if you look really close. st george is nicknamed "utah's dixie." cute :)
the st george tabernacle. a nice meeting place for us mormons :)
here are all the cuties again. yesss i love them.
my heart flutters for the red rocks [snow canyon].
and the blue blue sky
this lovely white building in the st george lds temple. it's the oldest operating temple of the lds church. don't you love how white it is?!

i love my little st george. aren't small towns just wonderful?!


prepare yourself: baby edition

so we got back from utah late last night. late.

we're sooo glad we were able to go. even though it was such a short trip, we got to be with some of our favorite people--- and definitely our favorite babies!! even though my oldest niece is almost 5, i still see them all as babies. new baby paige on the left with her mom and new baby jane on the right with me :)
ben and paige getting to know each other
all the kids on their matching attire. aren't they so adorable?!! oh, i am the proudest aunt!!

brooklyn, paige, addyson, paul, annie, sam & jane
the newest little ladies: paige & jane
addyson was born in january of this year. we are so happy to have all these little ladies join our family!

oooo i could get all ooogly-googly over these kids all day long!

hope you had a good weekend, i've missed you!


vintage DC circa 1952

the vintage goddess of southern california sent me this amazing vintage postcard of washington, dc this week.
i loooove it. thanks so much kellie jo!!

my favorite part about the postcard was... since it was written in 1952, the sender only had to put the recipients' names and their town. no address. so cool right? like the post office got it back then and said, oh yes, Mr & Mrs Rawlings.

so cool.

p.s. happy friday!

we're off to Utah for the weekend. Can you believe it? We're stoked.
xo lovies!


so we went to the dairy godmother

remember when sweet olivia posted my list of loves on her blog?

and one of my loves was:
"our favorite little custard shop was closed last night because their 'dairy truck was lost in the midwest' "so we went back to the dairy godmother and took our sweet friends.

we all got the flavor of the day, which wasn't a mistake. banana pudding.
that's happy-ness right there. isn't he cuuute :)

so now i feel all better. sugar always does it for me. what's your little comfort?



just tryin'

trains were severely delayed this morning... *sigh*

i was 20 minutes late to work... which never happens. not that the boss really cares. but still, i don't like the feeling.
just tryin' to blend in today.

it's just one of those days, ya know?


how could you resist?

good morning!!this is what we woke up to on saturday in west virginia. even if you're not into camping... how could you resist this lovely scene? :)

we very much enjoyed driving through the tiny towns of west virginia and enjoying the houses and farms as we passed. this totally says "west virginia" for me.

i hope your day is going well :)


the coolest mailbox you've ever seen

as seen at the virginia/west virginia border

isn't it?
happy monday :)


i find fire to be super fascinating

this is what a fire in west virginia looks like... a fire that you find after dark with only some twigs to make it work.
ben must've been swatting a fly or doing something manly, but i was doing the pensive-staring-into-the-fire thing. loved it.
roasting marshmallows... a sweet benefit of fascinating fire :) mmmmm
i love when the fire turns purple near the end. ohh how i love it

isn't fire so cool? (hehehe, i'm easily amused)

happy sunday!



sometimes we eat dinner on the couch, just to be rebelious :)
sometimes my frozen yogurt and i match :)
sometimes imperfectly beautiful sunflowers pop up in front of our favorite frozen yogurt place :)
happy frrrrriday!


dinner with a side of julia

lovely ben made me yummy dinner last night. he's so niiiiice.
and we mourned the loss of the tj's organic steak sauce. silly trader joe's: always discontinuing things we take advantage of.
i will curse if they discontinue the spicy black bean dip.
we then went to see julie & julia at our new favorite little movie theater.
it was so enjoyable.

and meryl... well... this article said it best:
Julia Child could whip up a navarin of lamb for lunch, but Meryl Streep eats young actresses for breakfast. Remember Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada”? Amanda Seyfried in "Mamma Mia"? Neither do I.


i thought for my 100th post... i would give a 100 word sililoquy on what brought me to be an anthropologist in school and in my daily life. enjoy :)
When you’re young, everything is much more romantic, at least it was for me. At the age of 19, I flew to Italy all by myself, when the sun was just right in the sky. The Italian Alps took my breath away. And so did the family who I was to live with and nanny for. The little boy didn’t love me at first, but he soon would take my hand with his chubby little fingers as we were walking. Learning and living with this family changed my entire perspective. They taught me to love: to love people & cultures.


need a snack

my favorite snack lately are tortilla chips. when i get home: i set down my things, kiss my husband and get out the chips.
period. see how happy we are together?

what's your favorite snack?!


singin' in the rain

we watched singin' in the rain last night.

and then it started to rain. we opened the windows to listen & just hold each other.
oooo it's such a classic. you must watch it :)

click here for a nice modern rendition of the main number.


the house on mango street

have you ever read the house on mango street? i read it for the first time when i was a in high school. and i'm not sure how many times i've read it since.

but i was delighted when i found it at goodwill not too long ago.

it's simple & inspiring. so... you might see me posting some excerpts from time to time. it's that good. it really hits me right in the heart.

"Someday I will have a best friend, all my own. One I can tell my secrets to. One who will understand my jokes without my having to explain them. Until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor."

"Marin, under the streetlight, dancing by herself, is singing the same song somewhere. I know. Is waiting for a car to stop, a star to fall, someone to change her life."

-Sandra Cisneros


jazz & sculptures

i decided to nip my "sunday blues" in the bud by blogging... here goes!!

on friday we finally tried the illustrious jazz in the national sculpture garden. another reason why i love free things, courtesy of the smithsonian institution.
we brought a little picnic (like i said) and enjoyed lovely conversation with friends and new acquaintances.

i was so overjoyed when we then decided to go to teaism and get a beverage. isn't teaism the cutest name for a little tea shop?

did you picnic this weekend?
happy sunday, loves!



we went and got tacos the other night and then drove to the u.s. marine memorial. had a little picnic. enjoyed the yummiest tacos the u.s. has ever produced!!mmm tacos and memorials go well together.

go have a picnic this weekend! enjoy summer!

we're planning on having another picnic tonight :)

happy weekend, lovelies!