been tagged before...

friend shanna tagged me to blog 7 things about myself... hmm

1/ i like to pretend i'm part italian (because i'm obsessed with all things italy).
2/ i am a daydreamer. big time. i like to think about the places i'd rather be than in an office :)
3/ i like peas.
4/ i like to make lists and check things off.
5/ i love being with my husband--- laughing and eating. 6/ i love enjoying the outdoors.
7/ i love blogging (dur).

I'm not very good at tagging--- but in the comments share something you like or just something about you!!


Rose Red said...

Good list.

I am such a daydreamer, it often hinders my work.

I eat about 3 carrots a day (the big ones) my husband makes fun of this.

I wish I had samantha browns job.

Jocelyn said...

I never go anywhere without my camera!
I love sweet potatoes!!!
I could scrapbook 24/7!

Carlene said...

hahah love this...
7/ i love blogging (dur).

I love being a closet chef.
I love taking pictures.
I love reading my fellow bloggers blogs! :)


Sarah said...

Great list! Thank you for posting.
I have a thing for making lists and checking things off too, lol.