camping has never been lovelier

our camping getaway turned out to be very lovely. i didn't know that once you leave a certain part of Virginia (about 40 minutes out of DC)... everything is just desolate. and countryside.we spotted this cute barn. ooo i was so excited.
sunset in the cornfields. amazing.
ben was so so nice and made us yummm breakfast.
and we got to use the amazing tent ben got for his bday!!
i have a thing for thistles.
overlooking shenandoah national park.

what did you see this weekend?
happy monday!


Farah said...

I've never been camping before, and seriously I really respect you for being able to go through with it. I mean I love nature and all but I would prefer it if it came with proper toilets! ;)

Rose Red said...

Looks fun and beautiful. I don't know about sleeping in a tent!

7upkels said...

i'm the same way...tent and camping, well, i'm not such a fan :)
my weekend??
read thomas hardy, and ate chocolate :)

our little love nest said...

That looks so fun! I am dying to go camping but it is still too hot here. We are going to go to Asheville or Boone, NC in September, I think. Great photos. I love the one of Ben making breakfast, it reminds me of Don in the morning. What an amazingly gorgeous sunset! I love it. xoxo

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

O camping looks wonderful. I think we're going to checkout from here next weekend and take an almost-end-of-the-summer-adventure.

Thanks for sharing yours!

hELLO kELLO! said...

love those camping photos! We're going again in a couple weeks up to the Dunes and I've been planning for WEEKS! i'm so excited!!!

answer your questions about our trip in NOV:
we have a layover in Madrid, and a three day stay in Barcelona. We're visiting Roed's family in Bamako, Mail for 2 weeks, and to Athens for four days, then back home :( We're going to miss Thanksgiving, but it's worth it! Have you ever been to any of the above? Would love to hear about your experiences if so...