dinner with a side of julia

lovely ben made me yummy dinner last night. he's so niiiiice.
and we mourned the loss of the tj's organic steak sauce. silly trader joe's: always discontinuing things we take advantage of.
i will curse if they discontinue the spicy black bean dip.
we then went to see julie & julia at our new favorite little movie theater.
it was so enjoyable.

and meryl... well... this article said it best:
Julia Child could whip up a navarin of lamb for lunch, but Meryl Streep eats young actresses for breakfast. Remember Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada”? Amanda Seyfried in "Mamma Mia"? Neither do I.


Linds said...

Jealous. I'm at a Barnes & Noble mooching off of their internets.

That movie is next on our list. I have a crush on Meryl.

The Proctor Group said...

That Trader Joes discontinued my dried pineapple. So mad. I'll have to try the spicy black bean dip. Sounds delicious. We are really excited to see you guys!