how could you resist?

good morning!!this is what we woke up to on saturday in west virginia. even if you're not into camping... how could you resist this lovely scene? :)

we very much enjoyed driving through the tiny towns of west virginia and enjoying the houses and farms as we passed. this totally says "west virginia" for me.

i hope your day is going well :)


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I want to wake up to that every morning.

That looks very *iowa* too (:

Rose Red said...

I couldn't resist. It looks so pretty there.

Red Boots said...

I adore camping. We camped our way around New Zealand, and I am itching to do it again!

our little love nest said...

Yay for camping. I think we are going camping in Boone, NC this weekend. xoxo

becks said...

Take me home.. country road.. to the place, where I beloooong... West Virginia, Mountain mama.. take me home, country road!

ps: hullo emily! ;)