i find fire to be super fascinating

this is what a fire in west virginia looks like... a fire that you find after dark with only some twigs to make it work.
ben must've been swatting a fly or doing something manly, but i was doing the pensive-staring-into-the-fire thing. loved it.
roasting marshmallows... a sweet benefit of fascinating fire :) mmmmm
i love when the fire turns purple near the end. ohh how i love it

isn't fire so cool? (hehehe, i'm easily amused)

happy sunday!


Rose Red said...

I totally agree, fire is amazing.

Saskia said...

I love sitting round a fire, just watching it...

I love the glowing embers & ash at the end.

Saskia x

Jocelyn said...

i agree...fire is so fun to just sit and stare at! Love the purple flames too!

Carlene said...

OoOo la la! Purple fire! :)

becks said...

oh.. i was just thinking of toasted marshmallows. I think I might just do it over a teensy candle flame after this exam madness ends.. tm!