jazz & sculptures

i decided to nip my "sunday blues" in the bud by blogging... here goes!!

on friday we finally tried the illustrious jazz in the national sculpture garden. another reason why i love free things, courtesy of the smithsonian institution.
we brought a little picnic (like i said) and enjoyed lovely conversation with friends and new acquaintances.

i was so overjoyed when we then decided to go to teaism and get a beverage. isn't teaism the cutest name for a little tea shop?

did you picnic this weekend?
happy sunday, loves!


Little Miss Tiara said...

ooo... that looks so fun! I mean, free jazz concert! Aaargh.. I want to go there so badly! (but then it won't be free for me for I have to pay the ticket, lol)

and teaism! Genius! :D

Rose Red said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun.

We had the most boring weekend. The kind that painfully drags on.

Little Miss Tiara said...

I tag you on a picture involved game, want to join the fun? Here's mine: http://littletiara.blogspot.com/2009/08/picture-tag-game.html

Saskia said...

Teaism is the perfect name!! So cute!

We didn't picnik this weekend, but we could have! The weather was *surprisingly* lovely. It's back to it's usual grey gloomy London self now.

Looks like you had a lovely time!

Saskia x

our little love nest said...

That sounds perfectly fun! I am so into the free stuff too. With 4 kids it is a necessity. I love the name of that shop and they sound amazing on their website. We may need to check them out when we are there.
We had a picnic too on the weekend at Lake Lure in NC.
Hope your week is great!